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Tuel Automation was founded in August of 1985 by Jahnell Tuel to provide business solutions. Our specialty is general
accounting, payroll, and custom software. Since the beginning, businesses from varied industries have trusted us to provide robust software solutions. We have worked with restaurants, medical and dental offices, lumber yards, jewelry stores, bakeries, and paint manufacturers to name only a few.

We understand that computer technology is a continuously changing industry; we strive to stay informed of new products and technology through continuing education. Our goal is to provide user experiences that deliver quality service and products that exceed your expectation.

As a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, we firmly believe in being held accountable by those we serve.


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Does My Company Need Software?

Investing in customizable software for your business is one of the best decisions you can make. Every business has its own identity and methods with no two businesses being alike. Keeping this in mind, we specialize in consulting with your team to design software that will increase efficiency and utilize your business practices. Our software is an effective way to help manage accounting, inventories, on-demand access to records, and streamline your payroll accounts along with unlimited variety of customizable solutions to effectively manage your business needs.

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Opening a New Business

No time is better to install software than when you are starting your new business. Implementing software from the beginning will keep you organized and focus on managing your business. It’s important to invest in software that will grow with you to avoid the need to transition to a new package later. Customizable software can be changed as your needs change and will grow with your company.

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Growing or Expanding

Your business is growing or expanding, and your growth has caused your software needs to change. You need new software that will simplify your current operations and will expand as your company continues to grow.
You need software that can be modified to provide the information you need to run your business according to your methods instead of changing your methods to match the software.

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Fast and Responsive Information

Our customized software will gain the identity of your business allowing you to have instant access to data and information. You will have the ability to access client and vendor information, employee files, financial records, accounting, and product information, and so much more all from your computer. Our software uses a paperless format with all reports created as a pdf that is saved by period. Our dashboards allow for quick lookup of scanned invoices, checks, statements, etc. No more digging through filing cabinets looking for an invoice or employee information.

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Data Integration

Our ability to customize all of our software also allows us to implement integration to outside data sources.  This reduces the workload for your employees and reduces human error. We integrate with banks for bank reconciliation, business-to-business access to import invoices from vendors, time data from register systems, and credit card information for cashless reconciliation to name a few. If the other party can provide the data, we can import it to reduce your workload.

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Custom Made to Fit Your Needs

Too often businesses conform to their software and find ways to “make it work”. It’s time to take control and have software that provides the information you want to manage your business. You are unique and your success is defined by your unique methods of running your business. Our ability to customize our business software suite or write completely new applications assists you in evaluating your business through your lens, not a one size fits all set of data. 

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